Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church

Gifted 2 Serve Test


This inventory contains 125 questions and will take 20-45 miuntes to complete, so please allow adequate time to answer all questions before beginning.

1. Pray. Ask God to guide you with a clear mind and an open heart.

2. According to the scale below, select the response that best describes or characterizes yourself. DO NOT answer what you think should be true, instead answer on actual experience. Don't leave any answers blank.

0 – Not at all characteristic of me/definitely not true for me.
1 – Occasionally characteristic of me/true for me–about 25% of the time.
2 – Sometimes characteristic of me/true for me–about 50% of the time.
3 – Usually characteristic of me/true for me–about 75% of the time.
4 – Highly characteristic of me/definitely true for me.

3. Answer each item as quickly, honestly, and accurately as possible. If you dwell too long on a particular question, you are less likely to answer it with honesty.

4. When you finish filling in the questionnaire answers sheet, calculate your score and record the results.

5. Print your test and bring your results with you to our e.l.e.m.e.n.t.s. Part 2 Class