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SVA knows that there are a great hunger and spiritual desire among students today amidst a world that is chaotic and running in many different directions. SVA Student Ministries offers fun events, activities, trips, and camp experiences throughout the year to give students and their friends opportunities to bond as a group, develop new friendships, and further their relationships with the Lord. Our desire is not just to entertain students, but to help them holistically develop as a young adult centered around the Word of God and their personal trust in Jesus Christ. We want to offer students a safe place where they can question and discover who God is and how a relationship with Him will not only change their worlds, but also the world around them. 


Sunday Morning Student Ministries

Middle School 

  • 9am Service - Middle School students will begin in the main auditorium and stay through worship. They will then be dismissed to the Connections Cafe where they will meet with a Youth Leader who will walk them to the Family Life Center for a small group bible study that is not only age appropriate but also fun and engaging. At the close of their gathering, they will come back to the Connections Cafe to meet their parents after service is dismissed. 
  • 11am Service - Middle School students will be in the VITAL class, a one-year curriculum for students who have committed to taking the next step in their faith. Students not enrolled in VITAL are invited to stay with their parents in the main service. 

More on VITAL: Vital is a one-year curriculum that helps effectively prepare, equip, and train Middle School students for the spiritual walk that lies ahead of them. The purpose of this course is to help students better understand their faith and how it applies to their daily lives. They will accomplish this by actively participating in biblical and theological teaching, interactive projects, Scripture internalization, and a mentor-based relationship. Upon completing the course, students will have a solid, Christ-centered worldview that will help them navigate Middle School, High School, and beyond as an equipped student who can change the culture and community for the Kingdom of God.

High School 

High school students remain in the main sanctuary for both services to experience worship, teaching, and reflection that takes place every Sunday at SVA. 

School Year Schedule  

High School 

Youth Group is every Sunday from 4:30-6pm @ the Family Life Center 

Middle School 

Youth Group is every Tuesday from 6:30-8pm at the Family Life Center. 

Other Opportunities

  • Every other Sunday High School students will have the option to go from Youth Group to Young Life Club at another location within the community (Optional transportation will be provided from the FLC to Young Life by Youth Leaders)
  • One Friday of every month Middle School students are invited to WyldLife Club (Middle School version of Young Life)

Young Life is a non-denomentaional Christian outreach organization that focuses on reaching youth in our community on their level, wherever they are at. This is a great addition to students spiritual lives as it offers a great opportunity to invite their friends that might otherwise not come to Youth Group at a Church. Learn more about Snoqualmie Valley Young Life and get all the information on dates, times, and locations here

Fall 2017 Student Ministry Events 

Oct 13-15 | QUEST Middle School Retreat 

Oct 31 | Halloween Move Night | 7pm | Family Life Center (both MS & HS) 

Nov 21 | Thanksgiving Feast | 6:30pm | Family Life Center (both MS & HS) 

Dec 16 | Christmas Caravan | 5pm | Meet at SVA (both MS & HS) 

If you have any questions please contact Baly Botten, SVA Family Life  Intern, at