Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church


There is no such thing as our “spiritual life” and our “daily life”. It’s all one in the same. Our Spiritual growth should impact and integrate our relationships, our emotional health, and every facet of our life.

Integration of our “spiritual life” and “real life” is God’s desire for us. At Snoqualmie Valley Alliance we seek out health and healing through God, with others through many classes and groups offered at SVA.  Some of our groups for support and wholeness include:

Frist Friday Check In-SVA Family Life Center 6:30 PM the first Friday of each month

First Friday Check-In is a fellowship of men and women seeking solutions for addictions, codependency, isolation, grief and more. Our purpose is to share our experience, strength, and hope with each other, while deepening our own recovery and our relationship with our Higher Power, Jesus Christ. Join us! You are welcome here just as you are!


Fall 2017 Class offerings:

Spiritual Formation and Emotionally Healthy Leadership *BIOS Audit Course

Mens Support Group The Ragamuffin Gospel

Women's Support Group Captivating


Other class orfferings throughout the year

  • Grief and Loss
  • Divorce Care
  • Hope & Healing (for women in relationship with men who struggle with sexual integrity)
  • Mother's of Special Needs
  • Step Groups
  • Life Track Classes (Shattered Dreams, How People Grow, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality)

For information or to connect to a group email