Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church



It takes an amazing TEAM to make church happen – and we would love for YOU to be part of the great groups of people who make things happen every week at SVA.

Below are some of the areas you can explore to share your time, talents and passions. As a church staff we want to help you find the life of meaning and purpose that Jesus promises… A big part of that is helping you find the right ministry just for you!

Take a look at the list below and click the links to find out more about joining the teams that interest you.

Connections Team

Helping people feel welcomed and connected at SVA can make a huge difference on their faith journey! Plus, serving on the Connections Team is one of the easiest ways to get plugged into a serving area, even for those who have busy schedules. Areas to serve in:

  • Parking
  • Greeting
  • Welcome Desk
  • Connections Cafe' Baristas and Cashiers

Interested in serving on the Connection Team? Contact:

Journey Kids & Great Adventures Teams

SVA is a place the entire family can enjoy. If you want to make a difference in the lives of children, then join our team! We make sure serving is fun and safe for both kids and adults. Don’t worry; no experience required. You will receive support and training from our SVA staff. Areas to serve in:

SVA Youth

Middle school and high school are formative years in any student’s lives, and in our student ministries you have the opportunity to not only have a lot of fun, but make a lasting difference in the lives of teens.  Areas to serve in:

  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 9-12
  • Canoe or Road Trips & Retreats

Interested in Serving on the SVA Youth Team? Contact:

Worship Team

Being a part of the Worship Team is a great way to use the gifts God has given you to help create a warm and welcoming worship experience for everyone that comes to SVA. This team is compriesed of experienced musicians that can weekly accept or decline invitaions to serve based on their personal scheudules.

Interested in serving on the Worship Team? Contact:

Tech & Media Team

Everything technology that has to do with our weekend services falls under tech production. No experience is required, just an interest or passion in technology. Come and help make our weekend worship experiences amazing! Areas to serve in:

  • Sound/Running Sound Board During Services
  • Lights/Running Lights During Services
  • Media/Running Visuals During Services
  • Video Production
  • Photos
  • Graphic Design

Interested in serving on the Tech & Media Team? Contact:

Administrative Support Team

Ever wonder who puts together our mailers, bulletins or manages all of our connect cards? We have a dedicated group of people who come in throughout the week to make all of these things possible. It is an amazing opportunity to work with our staff and pastoral team, as well as contribute to our weekend experiences.

Interested in Serving on the Administrative Support Team? Contact:

Care & Prayer Team

Sometimes life can leave us in a tough spot. Our care team is here to help! Our goal is to make sure people feel loved and cared to be Jesus with Skin for those hurting in our community.  Most of these teams are "on-call" and serve on an as-needed basis rather than following a schedule. Areas to serve in:


IT Team

Anytime the Internet goes down, you’d be surprised how unproductive the staff become, like most organizations in today’s world. Unfortunately, the Internet is out of our control, but what is in our control is all of our staff computers, Journey Kids & Great Adventures check-in machines, as well as all of our servers and cloud-based storage. Give us a hand in helping to keep everything functioning.

Interested in serving on the IT team? Contact:

Campus Support

Whether it’s a building project, or just basic maintenance, we could use your help. We are always looking for skilled or volunteer labor in the areas of carpentry, electrical, pumping, AC/Heating, septic, weeding, pruning, painting, decorating, moving, and hauling. This teams is "on-call" and serves on an as-needed basis rather than following a routine schedule, just let us know your skills and interests and we’ll let you know when we need something done.

Interested in serving on the Campus Support team? Contact: