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Common Ground

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Each of us crosses paths with myriads of cultures and religions every day.
Common Ground is about discovering the truth between our differences in order to have deeper relationships with our neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Notes Actions
Conversation 2: Judaism
Rev. Monty C. Wright 09-18-16
Conversation 3: Islam, The Way of Submission
Rev. Monty C. Wright 09-25-16
Common Ground - Week 4: Taoism, The Way of Flourishing
David Marshall 10-02-16
Common Ground - Week 5: Baha'i, The Way of Oneness
Rev. Monty C. Wright 10-09-16
Common Ground - Week 6: Hinduism, The Way of Liberation
Rev. Monty C. Wright 10-16-16
Common Ground - Week 7: Buddhism, The Way of Nothingness
Rev. Monty C. Wright 10-30-16
Common Ground - Week 8: Secular Humanism - The Way of Science
Rev. Monty C. Wright 11-13-16
Common Ground - Week 9: Christianity - The Way of Hope
Rev. Marty Benedict 11-20-16