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Tangible Kingdom

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Powerful things happen when the church acts like the church, but for some, the word “church” comes with baggage. There are those who are done with church, those who have never been to church, those who feel like outsiders when it comes to church, and those who are anti-church.

Imagine what would happen if followers of Jesus loved and invested in people like these−their neighbors. Imagine if they learned how to have rich conversations with their neighbors who think and act differently and adopted a positive posture in their spheres of influence. We just might see a spiritual awakening right in our midst!

It’s time to live in such a way that God’s kingdom becomes a reality on earth. Are you ready to reimagine church together?

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Notes Actions
Conversation 1: Reimagining Church
Rev. Monty C. Wright 05-08-16
Tangible Kingdom Week 2
Rev. Monty C. Wright 05-15-16
Tangible Kingdom Week 3
Rev. Monty C. Wright 05-22-16
Conversation 4: A Gospel-Centric Life
Rev. Monty C. Wright 05-29-16
Conversation 5: We Practice Community
Rev. Monty C. Wright 06-05-16
Conversation 6: Living Out
Rev. Monty C. Wright 06-12-16
Conversation 7: The War We Did Not Choose
Dave Eubank 06-19-16
Conversation 8: Inviting In
Rev. Monty C. Wright 06-26-16
Conversation 10: The Intuitive Life
Rev. Monty C. Wright 07-10-16