Join SVA Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. During the morning services we sing a few songs, which are followed by upcoming events announcements. After upcoming events announcements, Pastor Monty, or another pastor, will share a message from the Bible that relates to our daily lives. We usually end the service with a few more songs.

Other things to expect on Sunday Mornings:

  • Coffee: True to our Pacific Northwest nature, we love coffee. We have a full espresso bar in Connections Cafe. Drip coffee is also available for free every Sunday.
  • What to Wear: SVA is extremely casual. We can count on one finger how many times Pastor Monty has worn a tie. Clothes are good… but as to the type, it doesn’t really matter – wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Welcome Desk: Want to know more about SVA? Our welcome desk is staff with friendly volunteers from the Connections Team to answer questions and help with connections to Journey Groups and minsitries.
  • Journey Kids: This is SVA's ministry for infant to late elementary children. At Journey Kids, your children will learn about Jesus in a safe and age appropriate environment. 
  • Offering: After the message we receive an offering. This is intended for those who call SVA their home. If you are a guest to SVA, there is no obligation to give. We occasionally receive special offerings for various needs in our community like our local food bank and natural disaster relief.
  • Communion: We take communion together once a month to remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Communion is available weekly for individual reflection. The communion tables are located on the sides of the auditorium.